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    Default Where to mount the V1

    I have had a V1 for about 4 years now (just had it upgraded, but I dont think the new PoP falses and signals that hang were worth the money of the upgrade)...anyway, will mounting the V1 at the top of the windshield in the slightly tinted part affect the quality of bogey pickup? I want to hard wire it to my 2002 Grand Prix, and thought I should put it up next to my rearview.

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    I mount mine up high so that it just peeks out from under the tinted band on the windshield. It's high enough that it's out of the way and a little stealthier. If you do mount it behind the tint it probably will impact your LIDAR sensitivity a bit. Whether or not that is of any real concern, though, I don't know.

    Pic of my install:

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    i did a test with my v1. i mounted it above the mirror behind the tint strip. it had a little impact with the v1. mounting below the mirror with no tint strip gave me an enhanced warning.



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