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    On the way to work today another laser hit from those dreaded Infiniti CC!!. Made me wonder. If LI can make a product which tells you what kind of laser gun is tracking you. Why can't V1 do something compatible which filters out cc laser? If this is not feasible, why not just remove the laser portion of the V1 so you can trick out the radar portion even more. I know the laser detection brings SA, but we all know unless you have a good jammer its pretty much useless. I wouldn't mind getting more jazz into the radar detection capability in the same size package. Do you think any of the companies will ever go back to just radar detection, knowing people will get a jammer? This could open up a whole new market selling just radar detection capability. This could go one of two ways. One, it could make detectors cheaper and smaller (removing the laser) or two, you could get more technology into the same package size package since the laser is removed. Just my .02

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    Probably because to identify the laser gun, you'll probably need to directly receive the LIDAR beam, much like how you mount laser jammers where you expect to be shot. But in that case, detection is worthless unless you can do something about it, while laser *detectors* attempt to operate on the idea of capturing scatter, in which case any light at the right wavelength is considered a threat.

    The real question is, do you want good laser detection hardware to increase the price of your detector by another $300?



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