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    Default Perminantly muting X-Band

    I'm not quite ready to disable X-Band. I live in Washington (state) and while I've not heard of any confirmed X-band sightings. I'd like to leave it on for a year or so just in case. I'm currently running in little L mode and that mutes must X band, but there are number of places where it still comes through. I'd like to perminantly mute X-band but leave the visual display on. I looked over the V1 programming sheet and didn't see an option for this, I might have missed something.

    Anybody done this?

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    I am 99% sure that can't be done.

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    Dont think so, but you could always run big-L advanced logic. It would tone down the Xband falses even more by sensativity, but also delay reporting a little on K-band (sort of what Little-l does for X)



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