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Thread: Ka then Laser

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    Default Ka then Laser

    V1's Ka going off 1/4 miles before I reached home tonight.
    Usuals are X and K from local gas station and alarm
    tonight's Ka are new. (Bellevue, WA)

    Further down road cops are having a field night, tonight.
    Speed trapping (9pm...instead the usual noon time) just a
    street after my turn each time I'm saved from their
    trap due to having slow down, to turn into my street of

    Tonight's my first time visually seeing the laser spectrum.
    LEO must hit my car, and cluster around few times as the
    V1's "L" kept going off. And I'm able to visually see the "red dot"
    aimed toward (he's only 30 yards ahead) me.

    Usually only get to hear the "L" go off, either in daylight or
    evening through off-axis hits on freeway.

    Very cool. But sneaky cops!

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    Default Re: Ka then Laser

    Cool! Members have reported some very sneaky Leos in some very invented stings that makes your jaw drop. I laugh at the motor cycle Leo that was hiding behind the one only small bush.......



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