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    Default V1 soft 3893- totally different detector

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Adrian i am from Romania.This is a question i have send to Mike Valentino:
    1 In my country police use only K band radar(MPH BEE III with
    K band antenna)in two modes :constant-on no problem to detect and instant-on
    Instant-on front detection still no problem if i have a "rabbit"in front
    of me.
    Instant-on from back, here is a big problem.Even with a rabbit in front of
    me at 100-150 meters,when police shoot the rabbit with intant-on i have
    poor detection(the majority of BELSCORTS detectors have no detection at
    all).This is detection by beam reflection in rabbit"s car and objects
    beyond the radar gun.
    How must i set my V1 for best detection in this case(i have ONLY K band On
    and POP on-option J arrow up because from what i know V1 whit POP on makes
    five more oversweeps of Ka POP freqencies and entire K band,and i think
    this help me in K instant-on detection).
    And this is the answer, and a table witch user funtion active in USA and Euro mode:
    The engineers state that your best bet is to go into Euro Mode. That is the best
    course of action for you. However, you will also have Ka. There's no getting
    around this
    for Euro Mode.

    POP is permanently on in Euro Mode but it won't affect horsepower. The worst it can
    do is cause a few more falses.


    Pete Kaufman
    From the answer, major differencies are:
    J option(POP Enable/Disable)available only in USA mode, and POP always on in Euro mode.
    V1 has better sensibility for K instant-on(major threat in my country) in Euro Mode option U(Ka narrow band and K band)than in USA mode with K band on and POP on( POP on makes five more oversweeps for Ka 33,8 and entire K band -better detection for instant-on).
    I wait yours remarks about this
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    Default Re: V1 soft 3893- totally different detector

    The first table pdf has some errors, here is another one , i hope more clear and correct.
    The main error in previous table was option 6-Ka guard enable/disable-,in EURO mode is always disabled and cannot be change.



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