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    Default Picked up laser scatter... it really happens!

    I was driving on the interstate the other day in a large city and traffic is stopped on the on-ramp. I have my V1 up as usual. I get a laser alert, but think nothing of it. I drive a few more car lengths up, and get another alert. This time I realize it isn't a TrailBlazer's rear lights. As traffic finally moves a bit more I get one more laser alert. I look up and I see the police officer with his laser gun pointed at the traffic on the on-ramp checking speed. The awesome thing is we weren't even moving, so he must have been getting a 0 reading.

    Either way, I just wanted to share so that people know you really can pick up laser scatter with a V1. I was a few cars behind the first car that got hit, and I still picked it up. I'm sure it would have been different if we were actually moving; in that case it isn't likely I would have had enough warning.

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    Default Re: Picked up laser scatter... it really happens!

    How old?

    My 3.893 picked scatter around a slight curve at a 1/2 mile. Crazy range as I thought it was an Infinity laser cruise I was so far the usually moto cop laser area.

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    Default Re: Picked up laser scatter... it really happens!

    Yeah the V1 has great laser pickup, but don't expect it to save you. Last time I picked up laser was me being hit in moderate traffic. The only reason I didn't get a ticket was a warning of the cop on my cb



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