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    Default Interesting Laser Response

    Driving home from work today I started to receive a few Ka spikes on my STi-R+ and V1. I continued at the PSL and a few miles later my dash lit up like a Christmas tree. My Laser Interceptor started it's siren, the Bel screamed 'Laser' and the V1 started yelling a laser alert as well. I killed the LI's and muted the Bel (V1 is always on mute), then saw the LEO behind an overpass tower.

    Here's the interesting part - my V1 is mounted under the rear center headrest! I use it as a back up to the Bel, mainly so its arrows can help determine where the Bel's spikes are coming from. The Bel is mounted under my front grill with a clear view of the road and historically tremendous range. I've found that mounting the V1 under the headrest gives it minimal interference with the Bel and still a good directional backup (it normally alerts a few seconds after the Bel). However, the way it's mounted I have it completely obstructed by the front of the headrest. It does have a clear view behind, therefore providing the benefit of better rear radar detection than the Bel.

    I just found it strange that it still alerted to Laser. Does the V1 have a rear laser detector? If so, maybe it picked up scatter from cars behind me? I was travelling in traffic. There's no way it could see any laser from the front due to being completely obstructed - it's radar reception is attenuated enough. What do the masses think?

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    Default Re: Interesting Laser Response

    Hell yeah it detects laser from the rear end. From experience, I know that it picks up laser from every single Infiniti SUV running Adaptive Cruise Control from behind in traffic. I'm sure that the extended radar range from the STiR Plus must be amazing. I don't think I would need an Installed Detector because I don't have a mega horsepower vehicle right now. What I really want is a nice Lase Shifter in the future like the LI. When I have more zeros in my bank account, I'll definitely invest in one.



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