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    Just got a save....WSP was parked
    in middle of 520 bridge and been a sniper.

    I was heading west bound @ 10pm and the
    laser went off twice. Slowed & what you know.
    Trooper hidden on side nailed the driver beside me
    (as I slowed down from 60 in 50 zone).

    on side note -

    why my 1.7 V1 goes off on the toll bridge
    laser scanner, while 1.8 does not?

    and 1.8 laser goes nuts on my Lexus
    dash lights & Audi's brake lights, while
    the 1.7 stays calm?

    yet they both detect WSP's laser and radar
    about equally well.

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    Exactly how far was the other car from you. Laser scatter is hard to pick up!

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    v1 went off about little more than 1/2 mile from source (as am about to
    increase speed), other driver must be no more than 100 feet beside.
    doing about mid 60's as it pass me (after i decreased speed).

    interesting to see trooper out of cruiser mid-span bridge @ night, then chase
    from behind to nail the passing car now in front of me.



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