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    Default Selling my V1 tonight, getting the buyers V1 for free. I got questions on repair.

    OK, my wife got in a car accident. So I posted my V1 for sale on Craigslist in need of cash.
    Selling it for 350$ (Its practically brand new most up to date).

    The guy I'm getting it from he bought his V1 originally years ago, and over time the serial number has slowly worn off, but the bar code he stated still shows up so it could possibly be scanned?

    My question is. Since he's tossing it in for free would valentine one repair it(at cost of course) for me even though I'm not the original owner?

    I have purchased from V1 3 units. This would be the first time I would excercise their repair service in hope that I could in a few weeks have another working V1 for a fair price.

    **The problem with the one I'm getting for free is that it alerts KA to the rear constantly.. it's definitely broken. However it does pick up KA from the front if there is a threat. It's just the rear is constantly on**
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    Default Re: Selling my V1 tonight, getting the buyers V1 for free. I got questions on repair.

    Will they repair/update it if you are not the original owner?
    -Yes. I bought my original off Ebay and had no issues with the process.

    Cant offer anything in regards to the SN. Site seams pretty specific that it needs to be there. You're saying the barcode is good but the SN may be rubbed off. Guess that will be V1's call.



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