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    Default How To Minimize False Alerts

    New V1 user, how do I set it up to minimize the false alerts from doors, signs, etc? I know they won't go away but I also think my settings are not optimized.

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    Default Re: How To Minimize False Alerts

    In most cases, X band can be turned off (#1 arrow down in the program). No MPH guns in your area (K and 33.8 Ka), turn off POP (J arrow down in the program). Go to the Valentine website and see how to program if unsure, a chart is there. I use tab volume halfway, main volume full, #7 and b arrows down (30 seconds of low K band volume if weak in little l mode) which gives a 2 priority alert system. I also keep POP on for fast K band I/O sometimes and the Ka Guard off mostly for no alarm delay (2 seconds) because it will hurt one on the Ka I/O hits. Most say you cannot beat I/O, bull crap! Turn off your filtering! (V1 only). I've done it many times (knock on wood), no $$$$$ tickets (See my latest I/O hit post in experiences)......



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