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Thread: Upgrades ?

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    Default Upgrades ?

    Hi! When you buy the V1 I read here that you get "Free" upgrades ( If available) during your first year.

    What happens AFTER the first year. What is the cost of doing upgrades?

    Does anyone have any insight/inside info on any "near future" changes or upgrades in the V1?

    I'm still torn between the V1 and Bel-RX65. Obviously, most people on this board would lean to the V1, but has anyone here owned BOTH ?

    Care to offer a first hand comparison?

    Thanks, Tim

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    just to give a little hint right now is least cost uograde is $75

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    I think that as long as you just need a software upgrade Mike will take care of you free of charge. However, some units need a hardware change due to their age and that costs you. Either way, no one else will give you the service Mike V does. :wink:

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    The cost of the update depends on what sort of update it is. For hardware it is more expensive than a software update. If you pay for an update you also get warranty coverage for another year after paying for the update. For example I paid for an update on my V1 last year, but just sent it in for the latest update free of charge. So it really is worthwhile.




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