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    Default After 1 week of use of the V1

    I recently purchased my V1 a week ago. Haven't gotten any saves yet so far but have a few questions.
    1. I was recently driving on the freeway and I get a pretty constant Ka Band for about 5 seconds then a letter saying "J" appears then the signal goes away. Another time I was traveling and I all of a sudden keep on getting a strong Ka band for miles and miles, it wouldn't stop. *During both of these problems, I also had a beltronics v955 in the car(Wanted to test out the difference between the v955). Could the Ka signal be coming form the other radar detector in the car?

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    Default Re: After 1 week of use of the V1

    Yes the v955 is Interfering with your v1. You can never run 2 detectors side by side. Even if you have both on and your v1 isnt alerting there is still interference that will greatly decrease the performance of your v1. All detectors leak certain frequencies from the local oscillator.
    The J means its a junk signal. Im not gonna get into to much detail here but I can link you to another thread discussing the J signal if you want. Im sure these issues will be instantly resolved when you turn off your v955.
    If you want help with programming your v1 to fit your needs feel free to ask for advice.
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