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    Default V1 in NJ and NYC: Routes 4 and 17, Palisades Pkwy, I 87

    I have recently been driving these routes and have been shocked at the number of radar traps:

    On Route 17

    Hiding in side streets, by the fire station, by the municipal park, by the train stations, in gas stations... the list goes on and on...easy to speed here with low limits given the wdth of the road

    On Palisades

    Unbelievable! At least 2-3 tickets I can see every day during rush hour....mostly marked cars but new positions, hiding spots, just around the bend, on the median pointing in either direction, at the gas station in the central addition, unmarked Impalas in black with the wider tires and the cop lights in the rear careful here. Posted 50 MPH and very easy to exceed the limit and get ticketed.

    Route 4

    Here I see mostly Port Authority police who I like to think have better things to do than hassle me for speeding but not sure.

    I 87

    This stretch which connects Palisades to Route 17 usually moves VERY fast. I am curious how people seem to routinely drive 20-30 MPH over the speed limit and I hardly ever see a cop.

    I have been using a V1 on my motorcycle, but so far it has been sitting on the fairing, aiming forward through the fairing, and the view to the rear is obstructed by my left leg.

    Bearing in mind the driving conditions mentioned above, could anyone please coach me on using my V1 most effectively?

    Am I missing the laser detection because of the plastic fairing and also my leg?

    Should I also add veil, or the photocopy plate on the rear of my bike?

    (And FYI, I posted this in the bike section but nobody seemed interested, other than to trash the V1. )

    For me, even in this less than ideal installation, it has been an impressive device and I would like to continue using it, to its best advantage.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    I drive all of thsoe same roads. On route 17, you can't speed, there are just too many county cops all over the place. When you get into paramus and points south, the V1 will pick up every single door opener on the road. Mine just continues to alert from K-mart all the way past Giant Stadium.

    Cops don't issue tickets on Rt 4 often since there is no shoulder for them to sit or to pull people over. I-87 between palicades and 17 ussually is cop-free, but I have seen a couple there, and NY State cops are Huge SOB's so be careful.

    As for your placement on your bike, could you post some pictures because I don't know what a fairing is. Veil would be a good investment, I've heard of some guys on the site getting the 3M headlight protector and applying veil to it, seems to work well, and if you don't like it just peel off the 3M stuff. If you have plastic in front of the V1 then you are going to miss laser alerts, perheps mount it to the windshield on the bike? (Post some pics!)

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    I drive I-80, 17, and 4 everyday for work and for everything else. 17 and 4 are swarmmed with county cops during the daytime. 17 more south twoards Lyndhurst is horrible, the otherday I saw 3 people pulled over at once and as the cop was leaving he pulled another person over. 4 is also pretty bad by Paramus and Saddle Brook. Bergen County cops use X, but I have also seen town cops on these highways using K & Ka. County cops usually don't have good spots and you can spot the x-band from a mile away. If you ever drive I-80 west.. thats what you have to watch out for. Also, 17 north twoards NY can be very bad because they have long stretches and some use Instant On Ka, and forget about NY state, I start getting scared when I get above 80mph in NY.



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