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    Default New V1, 1st trip report

    Picked up a V1 a couple of weeks ago (the advantage of living near beautiful Blue Ash) and set off the next day on what turned out to be a 2200+ mile trip. I took my old, loyal Escort 8500 X50 with me just in case, but I never took it out of the trunk.

    I left the unit in A mode, right as it came out of the box, except that I enabled TSR. I wanted to see how much chatter I would get out of the V1, since some seem to think that it falses too much. I add here that I always felt that the Escort falsed an awful lot as well. Driving down I-71, or, as I used to call it, running the gauntlet, not a peep as I went through the usual traffic monitoring. South of the river, of course it picked up the Kentucky speed indicators, but those are radar, after all. Mostly quiet from then on.

    The next big thing was in southern Alabama. About a minute KA warning for a LEO about 50 yards off the road, so off -axis and more than enough time to bring it down. I count that as the first real save. I really didn't run into too much law enforcement the rest of the trip, to be honest. A few junk readings, several that were cruise-control or lane-departure sensors, a few random LEOs but really only 1 other trap, on I-95 in South Georgia. K band range was way longer than I ever could have needed. I felt like waving at him as I drove by.

    FALSING: I didn't think it was significantly worse than the Escort. Just killing the traffic sensors (also used in a couple of other places) was worth it to me.

    COMPLAINTS: I used both my Escorts in expert mode, and I do like the separate readouts. I am still getting used to the V1's tones, and at night, I am never quite sure what it's picking up. However, I have always brought it down before I worried about what radar band is in use, so to me it's more of a curiosity than a problem. I'm sure that with more time, I will get used to it. It's just different. Also, I hate the bracket, so far. Not too convenient for quick removal and install. I don't leave it in the car at hotels for obvious reasons. Not a deal-breaker, but kind of an annoyance.

    Otherwise, I am very pleased. I have about 1500 road miles ahead of me in the next couple of weeks, so I'm looking forward to getting more in touch with the unit.

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    Thanks for the report. I have been working a lot and haven't had a chance to get out of town and try my V1 out other than short local drives yet. Sounds like you are happy.

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    Default Re: New V1, 1st trip report

    I run on the smart phone too. Enjoy!



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