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    I bought an original V1 from Mike after he went out on his own, bought another to do a custom build in, then bought my current V1 to replace a stolen unit. Now it's time for an upgrade as the remote display/power head is held together with duct tape.

    So I called and the guy say's it's over 14 years old. Still works fine.

    But I couldn't resist the 30% off price doing an upgrade. He said I'll be getting a brand new, fully up to date unit. Nice.

    Only change I've noticed over the years is Mike used to always be on the other end of the phone.

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    If Mike is there, you can ask for him and you usually can talk to him

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    So are you buying a V1 or a concealed display?

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    Quote Originally Posted by midd View Post
    So are you buying a V1 or a concealed display?
    Trading in my old V1 for a new unit and buying a new remote display and the SAVVY unit.

    I'll add iPhone connection when they make that available next year.

    I really have to be conscious of how fast I drive without a V1 sidekick. New unit can't get here soon enough.



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