Below is my update to my original thread regarding a ticket I received from a Pooler, GA, police officer after he got my vehicle confused with a similar vehicle that he had tagged on LIDAR for speeding. I attempted to post this update in my original thread, but I keep getting an automated, canned-ham, response stating that my response will not be posted until it has been approved by a moderator. The problem with that is, it NEVER gets posted. Therefore, I thought I would try getting my message out by starting a new (related) thread.

You can read the original thread here:

Mistaken Identity ... I got another guy's ticket ... CRAP!

Here is my UPDATE:

I attended Municipal Court in Pooler, GA, on December 20th, represented by my personal friend, and expert traffic attorney, Doug Andrews. I arrived at the courtroom building about 30 minutes early and there must have been at least 250-300 people already there, trying to pack into the small courtroom. It was crammed! I did not see my attorney, but found a seat and waited for court to start. I figured that Doug may not show up because something might have come up with a paying client that needed his immediate attention. Doug was not charging me for his services and was representing me as a personal favor; therefore, I was preparing my defense in my head as I waited, anticipating on going it alone.

Court was called into session about 30 minutes late and I was prepared for a long wait due to the number of people. Surprisingly, the clerk called my case first ... OMG! ... fortunately, as I approached the defendant's podium in front of the Judge, my attorney, Doug, stepped from audience and approached the podium alongside me. I was relived, to say the least. After approaching the podium, Doug instructed me to ... "Stand here for a moment, I want to speak to the Judge." Doug then approached the bench and engaged in a whispered conversation with the Judge. I tried to listen in, but they were just out of ear-shot and I could not make out anything they were saying. After two or three minutes, Doug walked back to the podium where I was standing, grabbed me by the arm and said, "Let's go." I was completely surprised since I had said not a word. I looked back at the Judge as Doug and I were walking away and saw the Judge smile at me and give me a quick salute. Once we were out of the courtroom Doug broke the news to me.

Super Speeder case dismissed .... speed reduced from 88 mph in a 65 zone to 69 mph in a 65 zone (4 mph over the limit) .... $50 fine!

I was ecstatic!

No, it wasn't an outright dismissal, but close enough! I mean ... who has heard of a FIFTY-DOLLAR fine in recent years. That's unheard of, particularly in this area, since most fines are at least $200! Plus, this does not go against me for points, and neither does it affect my insurance rates. After stressing out over this matter for almost two months, I was HAPPY to put it to rest, once and for all.

Doug followed me out to the parking lot after court and, although he did not charge me for his services, I gave him a little "sumpthin sumpthin" in an envelope for his trouble. I also made a generous donation to Doug's favorite charity. It was a win-win situation for both of us.

Since then, I have installed inside my truck a car dash camera. If this situation ever comes up again, I will, at least, have a date/time-stamped video of the situation.

Thanks again for everyones support, tips, and recommendations. I am very appreciative!

Until next time ... THIS CASE IS CLOSED .... Mr. Clerk, call the next case.