Hi, it's been a while without posting. I finally decided to give V1 a try after having a 8500 X50 for about 5 years without a ticket, until...well, you know, until I got a ticket. No detection whatsoever, not sure what happened but I was sure I didn't trust that old Escort anymore.

So I went and got a "lightly used" V1 from a friend, it is a version 3.872, so I'm missing a couple of the newest features, but I think I'm in good standing regarding radar and laser.

So one of my questions is regarding muting the darn thing! haha!. It's absolutely more "communicative" than the X50, but I'm ok with that, as long as I can find the sweet spot with the programming modes.
So far I've turned OFF X band because is not used in my area, so my questions is: If I'm using L or l modes, since I have X off, that will mute the K band as well if I have #7 enabled right? Meaning will mute K band alerts per the thresholds I establish on the b C d settings?
I've noticed K band alerts coming through very low (one dot) but at the main volume, not at the muted volume. (I have the max. 30 seconds delay set on b D d) I'm I doing this right?


what would be the difference between the L and the l mode if I have X band OFF anyways?

Thanks and looking forward to learn more...