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    After turning the unit on, If I push the vol button down I get different letters 1st) short L 2nd) L 3rd) A . Does anyone know what these stand for or do. I bought my V1 used w/ no manual and when I ran the serial number it said I have a V1.8.A integrated POP2 w/ euro mode. Is this a good unit? Thanks again!

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    you can read and print the entire manual on the web site.

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    From my researching, the best performing top two are the V1 and the Redline. The Redline has somewhat better performance on straight, open highways. To me, both are at the top of the heap. I own a V1 and love it. It's a good performer on the "harder to detect at a distance K band", which is very popular with many PDs around the US. Getting a good sensitive reception on this popular band is a must since it is a much shorter range operation than the X band. You can go on the web and search for "Radar Rob". He has an informative free short e-book explaining all the "ins and outs" of what to look for when buying a detector. The "book" has a bar graph of the performances of the top detectors - a good informative read!



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