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    Default Just got my new V1! Woooot!

    Well, after a few Belscorts and Cobras, I felt like I was living on borrowed time. My latest windshield detector in my daily driver was a Cobra 9960. Don't laugh, Ka range is pretty good and since the thing is practically dead on K, it's pretty quiet in town. But I just recently threw some money at upgrades to my car and felt I NEEDED either a V1 or Redline with the extra speedy bits. All the recent developments caught me completely off guard so I'm glad I at least settled for one of the two. And since I often run into multiple cops, I thought the "bogey counter" and arrows would be a big help. Plus, hey, I got my drivers license right about the time the V1 came out, so I've always wanted one. Figured it was time to stop being a cheapskate and take the plunge.

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    Default Re: Just got my new V1! Woooot!

    Welcome to the Zombie world. It is IMO the best RD you can own. The arrows will amazed you.




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