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    Question V-1 3.284

    I'm currently running the 3.824 version and it seems to be well tuned still and in wonderful condition,not a scratch Should i have it upgraded to the 3.894 version?I live in Tulsa,OK and here we have C/O K band drones on the highway,which i was told from V-1 research i wouldn't benefit from it since they are NOT I/O K-band burst.The thing i'm interested is really the crystal-controlled frequency tuning that i had in my 3.872 version.Thank you for any feed back.

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    You should update your V1. They have made many improvements to them since 3.824. The newer versions stay in tune better, you can greatly reduce K band traffic monitors by turning on "Traffic Monitoring Filter" and you can greatly improve Ka band performance by purchasing V1 connection as long as you have a compatible Andriod or iPhone.




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