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    Default Valentine One in the UK

    So we all know that the V1 is an iconic detector and has unique features such as the directional arrows, bogey counter and a rear radar antenna
    BUT can this detector still justify a £450 average price tag in the UK?
    I have admired this detector since the early nineties when i owned Whistlers and Unidens and since owned a BEL and do now own a V1 along with a Snooper 3Zero.
    The problem is the UK now has only one radar band and that is "k" band on GATSO Cameras and Laser for mobile camera vans. The majority of speed detection systems now in the UK are Digital such as the TRUVELO and SPECS.
    The Snooper 3ZERO not only is a radar detector but also has a GPS data base with all the digital detection systems in its data base with an average price tag of £149 and an annual subscription of £29 for the data base updates and you get a nice padded case to keep it in unlike the V1 which i think for the money you should get a protective case.
    So do you spend £450 for part protection? OR £149 for full protection?
    What does the future hold for the V1 i wonder?

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    Default Re: Valentine One in the UK

    I can't see the V1 changing in terms of design i think it will stay the same. personally im not a v1 fan not to say that's its not a good detector. 450 Euro that's not much how about trying to pay 1100 dollars nzd for it. im not sure about the uk havn't been there



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