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    Default Videos of my V1, and Videos of my new Max

    Ok here's some V1 videos that I took a long while back. As I review them I'm less impressed at V1's range compared to my max.
    Now the difference before with these V1 detections is I was prepared and had a camera holder. PLEASE understand that BOTH MAX VIDEOS Max alerted and I was 15+ SPL... I had to dig my phone out of my pocket with my seat belt on, swipe my password (android), and I hit picture snap instead of video camera and finally the video camera... so your missing on the C/O suv encounter about 30 seconds of detection time.... MAX sniffed that copper out god awful far away.
    I blew about 15 seconds on the off axis incoming motor cycle cop again scrambing to my phone AFTER max had alerted. Each occasion I was doing 15+ SPL.
    I'm going to proactively record so I can get some action first hand on the first alert so you can get the true range. Thus far my max has smoked my V1. In these videos below the LEO's detected with V1 and my Max were practically 1 mile within each other. Max has really shown its stuff and I'm impressed. Videos are processing on youtube give them a while to finish please.
    MAX - I wasted about 15 seconds of Max detection time. This was a MAX selling
    point to me. Your only catching what I was able to get on video and not the wasted range MAX really got. Keep in mind I was doing 90mph this is a 75mph speed limit zone. So we were coming head on at high speed and MAX delivered astonishing range on these long Texas highways. Take note from the very start of this video the hill ahead of me. Max Nailed this signal around a huge curve\bend before it straighten out and then over this hill.

    Lots of falses from V1 here, scroll to 2mins 50 seconds. Bogey detected at 3mins. Took 1 minute before visual confirmation. That's roughly it was a 60mph zone so this was about a 6 mile detection. It was one of my better videos of V1.

    Some detections, but GOSH look at all the trash falses V1 is picking up. 5 signals.
    Counter does little good clustering up trash falses.

    This was my most disappointing video recording. Max alerted and I immediately tried getting my cell phone out of my pocket but the damn seat belt was in the way. I had to scoot down , dig in my pocket fight my big galaxy s4 out of my pocket, and swipe the unlock code on my phone, hit the camera app, accidenty took a few snap shot pictures, had to hit the back arrow twice then hit the video record button.. I was ****ed, so over 30 seconds of wasted MAX detection range not caught on video, but still... WOW .. an impressive detection none the less.
    You hear me say "Late on the trigger" in one of my Max videos. I meant it took me a while to get my phone in hand and get to recording.

    For up-coming videos. I will be more ready.. I'll keep my cell phone set so that it cannot go into sleep mode for at least ten minutes. I'll begin recordings in known copper zones. This way MAX can show this killer range that it's been providing me. Folks I can honestly say my MAX is hitting 5-7 mile detections with hills and curves out on these Texas highways.

    Enjoy the videos. There's more to come

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    Default Re: Videos of my V1, and Videos of my new Max

    For the SUV C/O LEO VIDEO That's a 75mph zone btw I slowed to 65 if you notice the speed registered on MAX. In this video it took 48 seconds to make a visual, I PROMISE YOU I FAUGHT FOR ABOUT 20-30 SECONDS to get my phone on from out of my pocket. When MAX first alerted I was doing 90mph, and then slowed down and struggled to get my phone out. You do the math ... that's about or over a 6 mile detection there folks. I'm telling you max has got it where it counts. I'm just not seeing this lack of range folks are talking about with 10yrs of V1 experience MAX weighs in heavy + it's so much more quiet.

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    Default Re: Videos of my V1, and Videos of my new Max

    Thanks for sharing the nice videos cody. I myself will study them in detail later. I am just too tired tonight.

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    Default Re: Videos of my V1, and Videos of my new Max

    Very interesting videos that you shared,thanks!



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