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    Default had V1 for 6 months now, results

    Have had my V1 in my vette now for six months and have yet to get any detection from any Harrison County, Indiana sheriff car, but every Indiana state police car lights up the Ka band, even while driving on a frontage road and the ISP has a car pulled over on the adjacent freeway. I did get a strange detection from a local town cop, it made V1 scream with no beeps, just continually, don`t know what caused it, but as soon as they turned off the road it stopped. So far very happy with it.

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    Default Re: had V1 for 6 months now, results

    The Leo had constant-on (C/O) radar and turned your direction which makes it look like I/O (instant-on), then he turned off and went the other way. Or, he hit you with I/O and left the radar on. Or, just turned on the radar on and left it on.....



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