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    I have been using RD's for many years and recently just been testing out the V1 with this new app called YaV1.

    Item's needed: V1C BT dongle, V1 3.892/3 or higher and a smart phone with the YaV1 app.

    Basically what the YaV1 app does when connected to the V1C dongle is allow you to customize your V1 in dozens of ways plus add some features using your smart phone. Some of the cool features are: Custom sweeps, alerts through phone, speed sensitive muting, spec/expert/strength display, and above all it adds GPS filtring of X/K band as well as GPS muting below a specific speed (like the 9500ix/Max/Ci. Whats really cool about the K/X band filtering/lock outs is you can set the distance at which it locks out that signal and the frequency block size which was 2 of the biggest complaints about the 9500ix.

    I hope to do a full detailed review once i finish testing but wanted to share how it is so far and see if anyone else has started using it.
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    YaV1 overlay on Waze:

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    The overlays looks like an awesome feature!!!




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