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    Default V1 Degrading Sensitivity?

    Does anyone know of the current V1 version having any loss in signal sensitivity on all bands over a couple or more years use? Since the loss of sensitivity would be very slow, how can an owner know if this is happening besides sending it in for possible service?

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    Default Re: V1 Degrading Sensitivity?

    Yes I have, but this was with a unit that had pre-digital temp compensation circuitry. They haven't been produced for years though. Since the change over, I believe the V1s have been steady performers more tolerant of interior temp swings and sun.

    How I would tell would be by knowing the alerting behavior--in areas I regularly travel--primarily to known stationery false of X and K as well as approaches to CO Ka. If observed distances to alerting are compressing over time, I'd send it in formal service check. It shouldn't take long at all.

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    Default Re: V1 Degrading Sensitivity?

    Thanks V G. That's what I would do to get a rough check of the V1s sensitivity. Granted, its not an accurate method but other than sending it back to VR, I guess its the easiest and only way to check.

    With the last few RDs I have used over a couple of decades (they were all cheap ones under $100) I had "sensed" some decay in sensitivity over several years but since the V1 is a "top of the line" RD, I was wondering if they too had this problem . Since I have not had any describable loss that I can determine after more than a year, I look forward to many more with great performance



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