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    Default Valentine One and Concealed Display Problem

    Hello! Long time Valentine user and lover... I bought a concealed display to make muting easier but it wont power up from the ACC port of the cigarette adapter. This is new from V1 factory so I'm sure it isn't the display, I also bought a new cigarette adapter so I don't think it could be that either. The V1 powers up fine...

    I checked the fuse in the cigarette adapter just in case as well and it's intact. Is there another fuse that could be causing the ACC port not to power?

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    Default Re: Valentine One and Concealed Display Problem

    I was able to solve this, it was actually the phone cord from the lighter to the valentine 1, though it was powering the V1 it wasnt powering the adapter.. replaced with valentine 1 cord and working. Hope this helps someone!

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    Default Re: Valentine One and Concealed Display Problem

    yeah the phone cords do not always work. Fine for the unit but not for the remote display etc



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