Veil Guy's Valentine One Custom Sweeps Profile Recommendation: Improved Performance over Stock Settings.

First let me say, thanks to all that have come before me for their contributions with segmenting V1s, most especially Nine_C1. I've been a late comer to this party!

Spent months experimenting and have arrived at the following config.

Here's what I have found works really well, so far in my experiences, over the standard recommend 100mhz+- widely used sweeps recommended by VR:


S0: 33.768-33.900 (wide, default, always engaged)
S1: 34.681-34.740 (tight, center weighted)
S2: 35.482-35.541 (tight, center weighted)
S3: 33.782-33.841 (tight, center weighted)
S4: 35.394-35.600 (wide)
S5: 34.774-34.804 (wide)
S6: 34.593-34.770 (wide)

Note: Sweeps S4-S6, can be widened if one wishes to expand inclusion of guns further out of center.

Order may (haven't definitively proven to myself that it has) have a positive impact and is designed (at least, theoretically) to maximize the opportunity of the V1 to catch very brief glimpses of Kal, Kam, and Kah each. From an overall timing sequence order may not be significant, but I am trying to afford the V1 the best opportunity to be in the neighborhood when a signal comes along by interleaving them. All I can say is that I see a definite pop in liveliness overall with the above pattern. 33.8 now consistently bests all my seg'd M3s. 34.7 often enough to notice. 35.5 not seen enough (in my areas) to make a definitive determination either way (but expect it would improve).

Misc Options:

Self mute logic: ON
Time Period: 3
No muting above 3 on first alert: ON
Unmute above 5: ON
K Rear Mute: ON
Out of box muting out 100mhz centers on Ka: ON
Traffic Monitor Filter: ON (to filter out obnoxious K-band Audi-like systems for those requiring K reception).
Other bands ON (as required for area), except Ku.

The idea with these sweeps is that I am weighting towards guns closer to their spec'd centers of 33.8, 34.7, 35.5 (which I see far more often than out of "tune" guns). I am also experimenting with swapping S5 and S6 (because that original breakdown came from the unit itself when it split the sweep in two). I am also going to experiment with swapping positions of S5 & S6 with S4, to balance out the last two Ka sweeps a bit more.

I've been quite happy with these and hope you find your V1C wakes up a bit more with the above settings (or slight variations of).


PS: I'll be very interested to hear what others using this profile find (relative to their previous configs), especially where 35.5 rules (something I don't see as often as the others in my typical driving areas).