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    Default Just ordered the V1. Is the directwire kit the same?

    Well I decided to switch from RX65 to V1. I hardwired the bel to my car with the directwire kit. Is the connector the same on the V1 so I can just plug it in?

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    Yes. I switch between the X50 and the V1 using the same Belscort hardwire cord kits in our cars. The X50 uses the same cord as the RX65.

    I prefer the X50/RX65 hardwire kit over the one included with the V1, (unless you have need for the V1 remote display and other goodies), because it's a cleaner installation which eliminates the additional exposed connector block bulge and rattle to the cable.

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    Good choice on the upgrade, I did the same thing and it worked beautifully. :wink:

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    my V1 direct wire worked with my 8500



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