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    I love my V1 but lately getting hits from all these imports etc with accident avoidance etc on the K band. Is there a way to program it so I do not get alerted until a few lights instead of right away? I looked at the bCd programming but not sure if that would be the way to do it. I run POP off and "A" all of the time. I drive both city & Highway so any help would be great as I also get the alerts on those auto-doors at the local pharmacy/grocery store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pilatti1 View Post
    This is a problem most radar detector users are getting. If you were to upgrade your v1 to the latest 1.85 (.894) and turn on the TRAFFIC MONITOR FILTER you may get some relief. I haven't tried this myself just what I've have been reading. using the v1 connect set up you will be able to see the frequency of the false alerts, helping you to decide if it's a false or not. I fine most of the k band cruise control false alerts have 2 or 3 frequency alerting at the same time.
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