I'm finally thinking of jumping up to the latest and greatest myself. Bought my 3.813 back in 2004 and have had a few re-tunes/repairs and checkups since. I am seriously considering doing an upgrade or just selling this beast and getting a new one. By a lot of the threads I've been browsing, it looks like a good move. Has any one heard if there is there anything new on the horizon? Should I wait a couple months yet?

3.813 was a strong performer for a lot of years, considered one of the best, but I think it's getting time to get with the new technology. It was worth it to me for a while to keep the 3.813 and just have it re-tuned/repaired periodically, but I think the newest hardware and firmware is looking to be a bit better than 3.813 was... Anyone disagree?

The STIr+ is not worth it to me for my vehicle and drive habits. I mainly like to stay abreast of situations and get the reminder periodically to do a speed check. Drive a Tahoe...family mobile/grocery getter, so it's no sports car by any means, but I do like to stay up on situational awareness, especially in new areas and highway/cross-country trips.