i have a few ideas on how VR/Mike V. could possibly refine this current v1.
1. Add 2 more programming modes.
a)this one is kind of generic but i still think with all the x-band interference and with no X band (manual) automute options, vr should add a mode that just has x-band disabled so the user doesn’t have to go to programming mode, basically so we can switch on the fly while we are driving. the reason this would be great, is for all those areas with heavy k and ka band radar that you hear a story every now and then of a leo using x-band, this would be very helpful. for instance if im on the highway and see a leo and get no alert i would switch out of the no-x mode and back to all bands to ensure that the leo isn't trying to pull a fast one on me. x-band is so crude and uncommonly used but the stories pop up every now and then so it should be more easily accessible on the fly.
b)the second mode would incorporate the J feature and Pop together. Basically if you want pop, you would switch into this "P" mode which would also enable the J feature. i personally love this idea as u could switch pop on, on the fly as i said before with x-band rather than dig thru the programming menu, impossible while driving and trying to instantly determine if a leo is shooting a certain band. and also, areas of heavy falses one could switch out of this P mode back to A,l or L mode and not have to deal with them.
2.to incorporate another idea which ReadyRadar mentioned before into this whole scheme.
basically with leaving the Pop and J feature as an option, when NOT in this "P" mode, basically in any other mode such as A, l or L, when the v1 doesn’t' know what to do with a Ka threat, pretty much unable to determine if its a junk detector or a false, it would play it on mute volume until it determines its a real threat. this can also be incorporated into Big-L mode as it would eliminate the mute threats and only play the real threats. and hence in little-l mode play the initial alerts at muted volume until it determines its real then play it at normal volume.

i really wish i could program my own V1 (like re-program the software not change the options). i really think these ideas could clean up alot of the mess we have with the v1 with the current hardware configuration and give the user much more situational awareness and power with these software modifications!