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    Default What happens when you send V1 for upgrade?

    I had a problem with my V1 where it would constantly alert to laser when there was no laser (for example, when sitting in my driveway with nothing around and with my hand over the lenses). I sent it in to V1 and they fixed it, this was years ago.

    It started doing this again intermittently this summer, on very hot days (which is how it started last time, but it got worse to where it did it all the time, regardless of temperature).

    I have been wanting to send it in for an upgrade to the latest version anyway, so my question is;

    If I send it in for an upgrade, do they just throw my old one out and give me a new one or do they actually upgrade my existing one? I guess it depends on the software version, but mine is very old (>10 years) so I presume it's too old to just get a firmware update.

    I don't want to tell them there's a problem that they'll charge me to fix if they're just going to give me a brand new or refurbished one anyway....

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    Default Re: What happens when you send V1 for upgrade?

    Quote from the V1 website:
    We'll Upgrade Your Earlier Model:
    "For more than two decades, whenever we've made a performance breakthrough, we've offered it to our customers in the form of an upgrade. The price varies, depending on the parts required. Included is a one-year warranty, same as new."

    based on the upgrades i have had done, the unit they return to you will come back with a different serial number. and my upgrades cost have varied. mines been upgraded 3 times in the past 10 yrs.



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