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    Default Legitimate Radar with Ka then a "J"

    Ok, guys I have been following your conversations for some time now. I have a new V1 with 3.826 and heres my curious question of the day.

    I was sitting at a stoplight and saw the local fuzz sitting in a parking spot in line with the 4 lane road. He was clocking with OFF and ON radar opperating on the Ka band. I am pretty sure it wasnt a POP signal, more or less he was turning the antenna on and off as needed. I took a right at the light and put the fuzz behind me and now the rear arrow was indicating correctly. But after about .25 miles from his stationary posisiton my V1 alerted with a "J". But knew that it was a legitamate threat from the rear.

    Since I have a brand new (less than 1 month old) unit, should I call VR, and speak to them? Cause I sure dont want a defective Ka detector, me and the SHP dont need to talk anymore, lol.

    Thanks and take care!


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    Is it possible that at that distance, your V1 also picked up a bogus "J" source from another detector?

    Veil Guy 8)
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    Welcome to the board Adam.

    Your not the only having this issue. Lots have had the exact same situation.

    One thing that is a common event in ALL of these reports is that once the source switched to the rear, it then Junks it out. There has to be a specific hardware/software issue in this regards. VR still has not put an end to this bug.

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    I think it is a legit concern, the only thing I can offer from my discussion with a V1 tech over the phone is ------ if a V1 is defective 99% of the time it will just stop detecting certain bands of radar all together ------ the tech said the more rare case is when a v1 goes out of calibration. That may or may not help you answer your question. I know for me I questioned my detector a great deal when I first got it, after some debate I decided I needed more LEO encounters before I continued to question it and I have come across some encounters since in which the V1 seems to have worked perfectly.

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    Expect to have it once in a while. I just finished some testing with a Ka band speed sign today with my X50 and V1. I passed the speed sign 3 times in the last 3 days with constant on with my V1 and didn't "J'd" on me but today, it "J'd" on the fourth one after passing the speed sign about 100 ft. away. Previous experiences with J'd Ka band was usually an encounter with instant on coming from state troopers. I was able to do some distance testing as far as Ka band is concern since they had it installed the Ka bnad speed sign on I65 for a couple days now. I believe they were using a stalker speed sign since frequency was showing 34.697. Last friday, it showed 34.715. I'll get a video tonight when traffic is low.

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    Welcome to the board Adam, great choice in the V1.... 8)



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