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    Hello all first time posting. I recently picked up a used v1 from someone local to me. looks to be in good condition power it on seems to be working.. I have been using it for 3 days now roughly 600 miles and it didnt go off once. Yesterday i was going through a toll and it gave me a laser warning. Later on and today its been getting a false k band and wont go off until i turn off the rd and turn it back on. Other than those 2 still hasnt gone off in any other band. Ive tried it in A small l and L.

    What do you recommend I do??
    I called Valentine and said they can repair it for 45 worth it?

    Roughly how long will it take to get it back?

    thank you!

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    Take it back to the seller and get your money back depending on how much you paid for vs software number version. If it is a newer model, heck yell, send it in for repair depending on the total cost. Press in the volume knob and hold it pushed in and turn on the unit. Display will light up, press one more time to get software number to find the age. Turn off to get out of programming mode. Serial number given to Valentine will give them information and if reported stolen. V1 website will help in programming and such.



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