They are happy to take your money and then be rude to you, lie to you, and not deliver the service you paid for.

I paid for 2 day shipping so it would be there in time for a trip, it took 5 days. When I called I was treated rudely and lied to. I ordered at 10:12 AM on a Wednesday morning and they claimed that I had ordered to late on Thursday afternoon so it did not ship until Friday, complete lie.

She also claimed that she had notes showing that I had been told that it would not arrive until Monday, another complete lie. I would not have paid for two day shipping if I had been told it would not get there for 5 days.

The lady on the phone was very rude and condescending. I would not have purchased from them if I had known ahead of time what horrible service they have. Now I am stuck with a product that I don’t dare try to get help or service with.