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    Default Decent product but not worth buying due to abysmal customer service

    They are happy to take your money and then be rude to you, lie to you, and not deliver the service you paid for.

    I paid for 2 day shipping so it would be there in time for a trip, it took 5 days. When I called I was treated rudely and lied to. I ordered at 10:12 AM on a Wednesday morning and they claimed that I had ordered to late on Thursday afternoon so it did not ship until Friday, complete lie.

    She also claimed that she had notes showing that I had been told that it would not arrive until Monday, another complete lie. I would not have paid for two day shipping if I had been told it would not get there for 5 days.

    The lady on the phone was very rude and condescending. I would not have purchased from them if I had known ahead of time what horrible service they have. Now I am stuck with a product that I don’t dare try to get help or service with.

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    Default Re: Decent product but not worth buying due to abysmal customer service

    sometimes you get the grumpy lady. gotta keep calling back until you get the younger dude
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