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Thread: I'm confused

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    Quote Originally Posted by camkuhns View Post
    The way I drive, I really donít need a radar detector.
    I think you may have something there. If you only drive 10 mph over, eyes, and a rd work too. Ever buy a performance car like the 2020 Vette, the best detection is a no brainer. FYI, the Uniden DFR6 (last tested in 2016) is sold out used on Amazon. The DFR7 (also tested in 2016) with GPS is still new there for $159. I drive with the DFR1 in city, and DFR6 on the highway in my 18 Camaro 2SS. The 2020 Vette on my list will get a R3, not the R7, since it's identical, all but the cute arrows, and the ugly build they stole from Valentine.

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