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    Default Compare detection range on your V1

    any of you get the type of range on X K Ka described on this test? My range has really sucked so far like .4miles 90% of the time ------ this says its possible to get it at 4 miles!!

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    I picked up a K band drone approx. 3 miles away. You have to remember one thing, surroundings play a big part when dealing with range. Hilly terrain vs. flat, reflectivity of radar all play a big part.

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    hills and curves limit range a lot. In my home town they had a K band speed sign up.. there were a bunch of hills and the sign was around a slight curve. I got 1.4 miles in that terrain. In long straightaways with maybe one hill I've gotten close to 3 miles on k band. KA band range is shorter..generally best range I've gotten was 1.7 miles and the trooper was at the bottem of a hill. There aren't a lot of long flat straightaways in the southeast like there are out west. That was with my 2003 pre-pop v1. I have yet to test my new 3.826 unit i got last week. I know it has better range just from tests I've seen and I know K band range is improved over my older model.



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