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    Default You can't properly test a V1 without a Belscort.

    This thought struck me after posting a Ka-Band V1 vs RX65 test in the Review section last nite.

    Even if testing an old V1 vs a new V1 on Ka, you need the Tech Mode of a Belscort to determine the frequency, if you cannot visually confirm the radar transmitter being used. And in many cases you're not going to have access to the LEO equipment. Obviously you would want to keep the unit that is best against the Ka radars that you face the most.

    It would not be impossible, that in a heads up V1 vs V1 comparison, that one unit would be more sensitive than the other in a particular portion of the Ka-Band, as has been demonstrated in previous tests.

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    If you want to get into specifics of testing each KA frequency instead of KA band as a whole you need tech mode I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud9
    If you want to get into specifics of testing each KA frequency instead of KA band as a whole you need tech mode I guess.
    Tech mode has been useful. But the question remains, how accurate is it? If you saw the other thread I started about Accusweep on the 985, I have some issues with tech mode.

    I ran into a Ka radar that was totally missed by the BEL in Accusweep mode. This police department runs all Stalker Dual SL radars, which up until this point have operated on 34.7 GHz. I make another run at the radar with Accusweep off and Superwide Ka on. This time I do pick up the radar, and the reading I get in tech mode is 35.2 GHz. So one of the following things must have occurred: 1) there is a Stalker Dual SL, or some other brand of radar running at 35.2 GHz, or 2) they bought a new Ka band Kustom Eagle that is way out of tune at -300 MHz or 3) Tech mode and/or Accusweep are not working right.

    I called BEL and they told me not to use Accusweep, and that they no longer offer it on their newest RDs.




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