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    Default Any ideas about what could have caused my KA alert?

    Last night I was cruising up I-65 just south of Birmingham. Traffic was fairly light. I had a gentleman in a Volvo that was keeping up with me for quite awhile

    We had been within eye sight of each other for a good 20 minutes and a lot of the time we were within 20 meters. For the first 20 minutes or so I had no alerts and traffic was very light. Then out of nowhere I get a full strenght hit of KA from the rear. At this point the only person around is the gentleman in the Volvo and he is roughly 30 meters behind me. I continue to get the full strength for a steady two minutes then decide to slow down to let the volvo pass to see if I can get a better idea of where it was coming from.

    Sure enough as the volvo came up on my side the detector followed its motion and then reported the signal from the front, however now it was only at a 4 strength.

    The Volvo did have a radar detector on the windshield...i am not exactly sure what it was but it looked like the "Silver Bullet" that is advertised in AutoSport Magazine.

    I am very new to the RD community so interested in seeing what kind of explanation you guys can enlighten me with.


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    He may have changed a setting on his detector as you guys were driving that caused it to park on a certain frequency and emit Ka as a harmonic of the frequency it was parking on.

    The V1 will pick up L.O. emissions from leaky RDs, it is a fact of life.

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    Thanks Ready Radar,

    I figured it had something to do with his RD however I just wasnt sure since it had gone for so long without an alert.

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    Might have been a Rocky Mountain Radar Scrambler I have had what you experienced but it is very rare.
    Once he passed you and it got weaker makes sense as it's radar antenna or horn was facing away from you.

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    Just like you draw it up. Textbook encounter with another RD.



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