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    Default Superb laser reception

    Hi, all! Once again the superb laser reception was proved. Yesterday I was returning home and in a well known police infested spot (I didn't see them, it's a slight curve and immediately after the curve straightens the car gets into the policemen's field of view) I was driving behind another car. When the road became straight, I received a 2 sec laser alert. After that, a couple of seconds, I received a longer laser alert, 4 or 5 seconds (I have my chrome grill and lights veiled, but no laser shield on my plate, it's not allowed), they measured me from 400 meters distance, of course I was driving 50 kmph - within the limit, because I braked earlier, when I received scatter from the car in front. The car in front of me was pulled over, I wasn't, LEO just watched me curiously because he noticed our two cars were driving with the same speed and all of a sudden I braked and the distance between front car and mine increased

    Once again, thank you Valentine One Laser reception is top notch!

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    nice to hear the V1 performed well --- aaaaaannnddd its nice to hear all the details, the distance they hit you with laser, how long they kept you painted --- I try and stay extra aware of those things but right now I'm still testing my V1's range -- when hear an alert and zero out the odometer and then wait to see where the LEO is.

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    Great to hear it worked out Clan.....



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