I drove up to NY from the DC area today, and while in NJ I was getting some major Ka false signals from a RD in an SUV. Took me a few seconds to figure out because the signal was so strong that it gave a front warning from bouncing off the back of a van that was in front of me.

On the other hand, I was barreling along in NJ on the turnpike, and there was a new blue 5-series bimmer tailing me by a fair distance. NJ mostly uses constant Xband on the pike (aside from the laser traps), so I had huge warning of a trap coming up (from behind a hill too). I guess he got annoyed that I dropped to 65mph, because he pulled into the right lane and blew by me just as we passed the trooper. Sooooooooo busted. Those crown vics really can haul *** when they want to. The guy in the BMW had enough of a lead that he probably could have evaded had he sped up and hit the nearby exit though, but he was completely oblivious until the cop lit him up.