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Thread: V1 Warranty ?

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    Default V1 Warranty ?

    Where does it state that the V1 will be up-graded free-of-charge for the first year on their web-site?
    I have not been able to find this info. Also I called and talked to one of their Customer Service people (also a Female) and was told by her that all up-grades cost even if it is after one week. Is there diferent stories depending on who you talk with about this?

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    It does not say anything about that on their site.
    Don't take much advise from customer service.
    They typically do software upgrades for free but you will pay if they develop a new hardware upgrade.
    Don't worry POP was only $55 and POP w/Euro when Euro came out was $75, paying for an upgrade is still cheap if you are at a 1.8 level.

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    I was told you get free software upgrades for the first year. Mine was free.



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