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    Default Ordering my V1 do i need anything extra?

    I'm going to be ordering my V1,and a concealed display from lifespeed.I'm going to direct wire it into my dodge intrepid.Do i need to purchase anything extra? I'll be mounting it by my rearview mirror.I saw that the straight power cord is eight feet so i'm good there since my fuse panel is right next to the left pillar..

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    it may be worth while getting a couple more window suckers, even though it comes with some spare its handy to have some in your draw just incase you lose or damage them, which is easy done when you have such hot temps when out on the road and also if you keep taking it off the window........ so for a few dollers its worth having some spare just incase.......then your never stuck without the v1!

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    A laer jammer will complete the package.



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