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    Default Why I bought a V1.

    I've been using a detector since 1986 it was a Bel. It served me well because I never got a ticket and I was new to the game of "Highway streetfighting" a rookie of course. I believed all the marketing hype so Bel was my choice, when the alarm sounder I just slow down. I did the same in 94 got another one, but something was different, I've heard about V1 just could'nt see paying that price for a detector, heaven forbid. Life was good, just drive when the alarm sounded you slow and try the best you could not to look around but, there was still a sense of tension that would feel the car.

    Now it's 2001, I buy a new car and want a different detector so it's the ** unit, heck it works like a Bel so there is no difference. Still can't locate where "THE REVENUER" is hiding. The thought of the V1 was saying "Cheapskate you should have gotten the V1".

    Well that day finally happen as the wife a I were on a sunday mornin drive, no we're not that old but our twins whose 12 now will say otherwise, but children say the craziest things. Here we are at a three way intersection and the alarm just going, as I'm looking around telling the wife he's coming fast (no sex jokes), so we're just rubber necking and my daughter say " dad the police is right behind us". I look in the rear view and there he is. Da** , good thing I was stopped, then it hit me that's what the arrows are about that the guy Mike V was talkin about.

    Two weeks later a guy needed one bad, so I could not resist (had to help him out) I sold him mine and got my V1. Driving has been great these 5yrs it's like the force is with me. No worries because no sneak attacks.

    Arrows are a beautiful thing...

    Da Dark Jedi.

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    You have officially been ZOMBIFIED!! :shock:

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    Welcome to the cool side. 8) 8) 8)



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