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    Default V1 Hardwire... possible malfunction?

    I've had my V1 hardwired in my 05 audi a4 for some time. However, the other day while driving about 2 hours in the rain, i kept getting false K signals in the middle of the interstate where they never showed up before. When I got home, I realized that it's powered via a fusetap on the "wiper system" fuse. I swapped it out with the "washer" fuse and gave the wiper fuse to the GPS. Those are the only two that are switched with the ignition on my car. No troubles yet. Could the power source have been an issue when I was getting the falses? Thanks a lot for the info.


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    Great, so now everytime you wash your windshield you will get a K band alert and everytime you turn on your wipers your GPS is going to loose it's signal between strokes. :shock:
    Get one of these circuit testers I bet you have more than two ignition accessories. Don't forget to turn your ignition off/on to check.



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