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    Default Question about K-band 30 second mute

    I haven't visited in a while but I received my newly flashed 3.826 V1, previous firmware was the known buggy 3.825.

    I'm used to operating in little "L" 99% of the time with my mute bar set at no volume. In the city though sometimes the signals are overwhelming, so much so that I set the total volum down to 25% and forget about it sometimes. Luckily my LifeSpeed display is in front of my face to remind me, but still...

    1. Is this the closest thing available to a "city mode"?

    2. This only activates in "L" or "l" logic modes, correct?

    3. K-band will automatically unmute above 4 LEDs, correct?

    4. If I also disable rear K-band does it only operate in "L" and "l"?

    5. If I do not disable rear K-band, will it TONE alert when it receives K-band from the rear?

    Basically, my plan now is to run in A on the highways/interstate, or when I'm in risky situations and then run probably "l" while I'm in the city.

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    (1) Yes for K band only
    (2) Yes
    (3) Yes
    (4) Yes
    (5) Yes works just like (3)
    Turning off POP will help as well as you can get POP falses from other detectors on both K and Ka.
    If you are still turning the regular volume down using (7) you might increase to (E) unmute at six LED's.
    On my older version I have noticed that automuting will break to regular volume before a four or six signal strength LED threshold is met and even if my selected time threshold is not over.
    I'm guessing that this is because sensitivity is not cut across the board but instead monitored by the computer, so if there is a brief surge of any kind while I am still under my selected thresholds then it trips over to regular volume.
    Has anyone else experienced this as well? ES13Raven?

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    I'm going to put K-band on a 20 second mute I believe and leave rear K enabled.

    K is pretty prevalent around here, though there aren't too many "speed traps", just LEOs driving.



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