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    Default Sleepless in Seattle...reccomended settings for Washington?


    I'm no longer a V1-Virgin!! The hardwire is taking place tonight, and I'm contemplating going the visor 'pouch' route and running the stealth into my ash tray. I have an m3 convertible so I'm concerned about leaving my RD on the glass during the night or while I'm @ work.

    My question for all you gurus (BTW, I've been on this site for a month or so just watching the posts, y'all are incredible..this is a fantastic group) what settigns do you reccomend for Washington state? I saw that we have Laser, K, Ka, POP, Airborn VASCAR and X...should I just roll with it straight out of the box and not fool around w/ any muting, etc?

    Any advice/thoughs on my install or settings would be greatly appreciated.


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    Just wanted to tell you welcome to the board BEB. Great choice on the V1 man!

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    Default Re: V1

    I want to welcome you just like davekr. I have heard of some of the smaller towns in WA that still use x band. I would have x band turned on (even though it can be a pain). I am not sure about POP in WA. Have fun w/ your V1! Mk



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