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    Default Switzerland??

    Hi guys!!

    As I told you about 4 months ago or so I have moved to Geneva Switzerland. I will be getting a Maserati Gran Sport in the beginning of May and cant wait for that day. :!:

    RD's are illegal here but I will take that risk by using a concealed display with my V1. Over here they throw you in jail if you drive FAST and with 400bhp I fear that I might be obligated to speed intentionally! ops:

    Does anyone know what LEO is using over here? I have seen some speed cameras but no LEO's about with laser nor radar?

    Maybe I should be in Euro Mode?



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    Here is some info that I have found via google. Multanova is a Swiss company so I would assume they are using that stuff here?

    Will post more info as I find it.


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    Hi !

    I'm from swiss too, and I'm a V1 User since nearly 5 years :wink:

    Swiss uses Multanovas (you're) right, and some other photoradars. Best settings for swiss in my opinion is:

    x-band off
    k-band on
    ka-band on
    ku-band off
    laser on
    POP off
    ka false guard off
    euro mode on

    Enjoy your Maserati 8)

    Here you'll find all allowd radar types for switzerland, and some of them are really in use (Gatsos, Multanovas etc...)

    BTW2: I drove around often in Geneva and enviroment from my last company. Most of the fixed photoradars are with induction loops in the street (not detectable by RD's) or use K band, which will not be alerted in "u" mode in euromode. V1 works excellent for mobile radars, but don't trust V1 too much on those old fixed photo"radars" or speedcams here in CH.

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    Many thanks Accordr!




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