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    Default When was the V1 software last updated?


    I am new to this forum and I couldn't find my answer in a search.

    I bought the Valentine V1 in June 2005 and I was wondering if any software updates have come out since then.

    Unfortunately I do not have my V1 with me so I do not have the serial # to enter in at Valentine's web site.


    PS I have seen that the latest software version for the V1 is v1.8. However, I have seen owners on this board indicate 3 or 4 digits after the "v1.8." What tdo these extra digits mean?

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    yeah when u got your v1 it was 3.825 and around december version 3.826 came out. its just a software upgrade that fixes the bogey lock tone, ghost bogeys, and improves the J function. Some have also reported increased Ka and K band range.



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